[poem] A Thursday morning in Spring

Thursday morning. No snooze alarm.
Waking in silence
The birds sing their morning song
I drink my coffee
And listen to Spring.

how-to turn off the start-up sound on your MacBook

I recently acquire a MacBook for work.  It’s the first time I use a Mac and, despite my being a bit of a PC boff,  I’m not familiar with MacOS at all.  So this is a whole new learning curve for me.

Excited as I was to learn a new OS, I must say that the hideous start-up noise frayed my nerves no end, and it was only Day4.  There had to be an OFF button, but I had no idea where to find it.  Rather confusing because it should be obvious.  I’d heard rumours that Macs are dead easy to use, but this seemed really obscure.

So, being my usual resourceful self, I did some digging on the interwebs and found the solution.  I discovered that, MacOS X Hints is a great place to start when you are looking for Mac-related solutions.

So here it is!  Japanese company, Arcana, created the StartupSoundPrefPane100 application, which shuts the noise OFF!  TaDa! :)  The StartupSoundPrefPane100 link, above, is the dmg.gz file which downloads the app onto your machine.

What to do from here?

  1. Rootle around your downloads folder or search for the file in Finder.
  2. Open the folder and click on the StartupSoundPrefPane100.pkg file.  Doing this will install the file.
  3. Now go to your Systems Preferences folder and look for Startup Sound.  Mine is under “Other”.  The symbol for it looks like this: startup sound icon
  4. Click on it to open the app.
  5. Now you can untick “Turn on start volume control” to adjust the volume using the sliding scale, or tick “Mute” to turn it off altogether.  See below :

Screen Shot: Startup Sound Application

Screenshot of the Startup Sound application

And there you have it.  Great to know that there is a solution for every perceived problem!

Game, Set, Rafa! – who will win the US Open Grand Slam 2010?

The 2010 U.S. Open Grand Slam starts today at Flushing Meadows in New York.  It is the final grand slam of the year and promises to be a nail-biting affair!  There is so much to win – and lose – for the players.

Here’s what’s cooking….

Andy Murray

Currently 4th on the ATP rankings, Andy Murray is a very strong contender for this tournament.  He has had fair success this year, but hasn’t made too much of an impression on the courts.  He has never won a Grand Slam.  Is he hungry enough to step up and take the U.S. Open?  Some might argue, that while he great at the counter-attack, he does not want to win badly enough and splutters at the finish.  Let’s not forget that he has a great hardcourt game and he may just hold his nerve to win it this time.

Roger Federer

The Fed is, of course, one of the all-time greats of tennis.  For this reason, he is a natural contender to win the US Open tournament.  He made tennis history at the 2009 Wimbledon men’s final when he won his 15th title, surpassing tennis legend Pete Sampras’ record for the most Grand Slam wins ever.  But he has not won a Grand Slam title this year yet, so this is the last chance to get his name on the trophy.  He is a worthy opponent on the hardcourt surface and will, no doubt, have his eyes on the prize in this tournament.

Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal at the 2009 US Open

Rafael Nadal at the 2009 US Open (image source: http://www.nydailynews.com)

Rafa has been playing brilliantly his year, winning all the Grand Slams so far for 2010.  Now he just has to take the US Open to complete his trophy collection for 2010.  Can he do it?  We all know that clay is his surface – he is absolutely unbeatable when he is in top form.   He has been quite unbeatable this year, and not only on clay.  He reclaimed the number 1 spot on the ATP rankings after he beat Robin Soderling in straight sets at the French Open, earlier this year.  I’m hoping his game is hardcourt-ready.  Then again, I am biased – he is my number one player!

Other contenders

Novak Djokovic could a contender, but he has not exactly been playing great tennis recently.  While he is the 3rd ranked player, he has not been stepping up and winning tournaments much of late.  But things can change and he may have one final go at winning a major tournament this year.  That will be a refreshing change from him.

Tomas Berdych has been successful on hardcourts this year, and could make an impression.  If he has luck on his side, he may even make it to the men’s singles final.  I’m not that convinced by him though, but anything can happen.

Who else can could take the trophy?  Well, if you’re a betting person (which I’m not) you can check out crunchsports.com‘s pre-tournament analysis for a look at the odds-on favourites and who are up and coming.

Personally, I would love to see Rafa take 4 Grand Slams this year to make up for this lacklustre 2009 season.  Although I am a big fan, I am realistic. I know that hardcourt is not Nadal’s best playing surface.  My top contenders for this tournament is Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and Andy Murray.  Still, it is going to be an exciting Grand Slam, whoever wins!

Go Rafa! :)

Athlone Cooling Towers – a touch of nostalgia

Athlone Cooling Towers

The Athlone Cooling Towers in early morning sunlight

I have a personal story about the cooling towers.  And yes I know how weird that sounds, because I am no cooling tower expert. In all honesty, I have no idea what it’s function is and I am not too interested either.

I lived a few kilometres from the Athlone Cooling Towers in my youth and I remember how those two towers caught my imagination.  Quite literally.  I’m … ahem … old enough to remember when the towers were in full operation and used to (I guess) cool stuff down.  Anyway,  back then it was probably the tallest man-made structure for miles around. Come to think of it, it probably still is, despite all the construction around our city.

Every Sunday our family would visit relatives over on the other side of the city, in Maitland. The drive there and back home took us past the towers at least twice on that journey – once in either direction.  As a little girl with a vast imagination, I pictured myself being INSIDE the towers. I imagined that I was an intrepid explorer, climbing up the outside of the tower around the platforms and up the stairs.  If you look, you’ll see the stairs running all the way around it. I imagined what it was like walking around one level, climbing up the stairs to the next level, and so on, all the way to the very top. Then, when I was all the way at the top, I could see all of Cape Town! I’m still not sure, maybe you actually get a pretty great view of the city from all the way up there. Of course if you went up, you had to come all the way down. My imagination again, lead me all the way down to the bottom. I had different routes to climb up and down the towers. The water that ran down the bottom of the towers was a waterfall and if I stood behind it, no one could see me or would know I was there, but I could see them.  I had dreams of one day being allowed inside so that i could see it all and explore it for myself.  That idea, as you can imagine, has long-since faded and I haven’t thought about my childhood fantasies in a very long time.

This week, as the Athlone Cooling Towers made headlines because of today’s demolition,  I have a little touch of nostalgia about my childhood fantasies . I know that it makes me sound old to make say this, but one does not often look back in wonderment at the strange imaginings of the childhood mind :)

While the demolition will cause a ripple of chaos and excitement as everyone scrambles to see these landmarks implode, I’ll remember being young and imaginative.  To me , the towers symbolise two strong, sturdy old friends, that allowed my mind to be spirited and adventurous for a little while.  The demolition teaches me that nothing is forever because change is inevitable and so, too, are my creative thoughts.

I know that my dreams will not turn into a pile of rubble on the highway, but rather take flight as I find creativity through my imagination.

Dreaming reality? – My views on the movie Inception

Inception movieIn a word: elaborate.   I am talking about the latest Christopher Nolan blockbuster movie, Inception.

The plot is elaborate.  The characters are elaborate.  The sets are elaborate.  Cinematography: elaborate.  Special effects, mind-blowingly elaborate.  The score, elaborate.  The story, elaborate. You get the idea.

Prepare to be hooked from the opening scene all the way through this roller-coaster, fast pace, action sci-fi thriller, until the very last, extremely intriguing, scene. There is a lot going on, so you might want to put down the popcorn for once and strap yourself in to your movie seat.  You’ll get to know the characters really well because they have well developed and definitely not stereotypical.  The dialogue is fast-paced, sometimes technical and often intelligent.

We have become accustomed to seeing Leonardo di Caprio in high-grossing blockbusters, and Inception does not disappoint. In fact, it could be his best role and best performance to date.  The other actors such as Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotilliard, Tom Berenger, Pete Postlewaite and the rest of the cast all play their characters to perfection.  Cobb (di Caprio) is intriguing, complex, living in a world of dreams.  Moving in and out of dreams trying to understand the sub-conscious, yet battling his own frailties and demons.

You are almost guaranteed to get lost in the complicated plot. It is like a giant 3D jigsaw puzzle that you, the viewer, has to put together you may pity yourself for being a mere human. Cobb (Leonardo di Caprio) asks Ariadne (Ellen Page), the student architect, to design a maze. Remember this, because you are already inside it. You just don’t know it. Such is the beauty and complexity of this movie. The special effects are magnificent and I was reminded of how The Matrix had a similar effect on audiences when it was released in 1999. You could say that Inception is The Matrix of this decade, if for the special effects alone.  But maybe that’s an over-simplification and detracts from the specialness of Inception.

My eye kept drifting towards the elaborate sets, special effects and  costumes – there is an abundance of detail in every frame – but then I am quickly drawn back to the dialogue, the action and the storyline. “What is important? Should I be looking for clues?”, I kept asking myself. Is this the dream state?  What are the levels?  I am supposed to be figuring this out, I’m almost sure of it, right?

In the end, I mean the very end, none of it matters, of course. If you’ve seen the movie, you may or may not know what I mean. If you have not already seen this movie, do yourself a favour and go see it.  This is one you and your friends will be talking about long after it is over.

World Cup 2010 – My experience in photos

A small selection of favourite photographs from my World Cup 2010 experiences in Cape Town.

World Cup 2010 Last day in tweets

World Cup 2010 will undoubtedly remain in the memories of South Africans long after the trophy has been won (and put back into it’s Louis Vuitton), the fans have gone (thank you all for coming, btw), celebrities have found new places to be caught on camera (and/or smoke pot),  the stadiums have been deserted (hey, let’s hope not) and the sound of vuvuzelas have faded into the distance …… (unlikely).

For me, the World Cup was memorable for many reasons, but the one that I enjoyed most of all was sharing it with my Twitter friends.  Thank you, Twitter friends for making this World Cup out of this world!  It has been wonderful to share it with all of you.  So, on day 32, match 64, the very last day of World Cup 2010, I captured the buzz from my Twitter stream.

Here is some of what I recorded.  I have removed the Twitter names from my quotations to protect the identity of the tweeters.  I added comments in [green] text.

Proudly South African – these tweets expressed the sentiments felt around the world, but most strongly here in South Africa…..

  • and so it’s the dawn of the last day of #wc2010, South Africa can feel proud.
  • :'( One final battle, our last goodbye – why does it have to be over? #worldcup
  • A light has been shone from the south across the continent. The world won’t be able to look at Africa the same way again.
  • :( Its nearly all over. #worldcup #======<()
  • Compared to the elation I felt on the morning of the opening ceremony, today feels alarmingly bleak.
  • Today either Spain or Netherlands will win, but at the end of the day, SOUTH AFRICA are the real winners =) proud!
  • A newly discovered flower has been named after the vuvuzela – the Moraea vuvuzela http://bit.ly/dcjE0p
  • Set Big Hairy Audascious Goals for the country, with measurable outcomes & timelines. #lessonsfromwc2010
  • What will we do without the football to watch … #worldcup
  • Just imagine the whole world’s eyes on our beautiful country tonight
  • The end is near. Very bittersweet for me. It’s been a combination of amazing & moments of despair. But, we made it! #soproud #wc2010
  • Tom shld be a public holiday, to give us time to grieve the end of the #worldcup
  • We did it. We fucking hosted the World Cup.
  • Dear world, if you don’t know yet…our country rocks! #wc2010
  • Definately a lump in the throat moment. So proudly South African. So proudly African #worldcup
  • Im one proud South African right now! #wc2010
  • I wish South Africans would feel this pride and ♥ all the time. « Co-sign
  • Proud to be South African WOW #Madiba At #wc2010
  • South Africa has successfully hosted the Rugby, Cricket and Football world cups in a space of 15 years.Only country to ever do so. #worldcup
  • for real though… Mbeki did a hell of a lot work to get the world cup here; Madiba & JZ get all the credit #justsaying
  • Hello SA. The Moment has arrived. #Worldcup Final 2010 #RSA . Stand proud all South Africans2day we are the World Champions. o>====<() #RSA
  • ====<() Paaaarp paaaarrp paaaarp paaaaaarp paaaaaaaaaaaarpapapappapaapaaaaarp!! AYOBA! #vuvuzela #worldcup #proudlySouthAfrican
  • Behind the torrent of tears we smile. This is us, World. This is South Africa.#WC2010

The closing ceremony – sentiments and tears abound as South Africans tweeted their feelings

  • Can feel tears in my eyes. Waka waka #wc2010 « no tears in eyes here. Full on crying
  • Here you go #SouthAfrica, never in history have so many people watched one country LIVE at one time. Ke Nako! #ProudlySouthAfrican
  • ummmm…no tigers in africa, mr commentator
  • aaah.. Ladysmith Black Mambazo \o/ #worldcup
  • LOL! There aren’t tigers here. Commentator fails.
  • The commentator’s been hanging out with Paris.
  • After month in SA, commentator still thinks we’re ‘the land of lions and tigers’. Thanks for concentrating, dude.
  • White elephants lumber into the stadium. Someone in the ceremony organising committee had a sense of humour.
  • i love south africa. but we could’ve done so much more with 500-800 million eyes on this event.
  • Closing ceremony was leet! #======<(). #worldcup
  • they can play this waka waka all night, as far as I’m concerned. #Don‘tmindrepeats
  • Looking at trending topic we have stunned the worls with #closing ceremony world cup
  • What an amazing closing ceremony. The projection on the field was amazing. I had goosebumps all over!
  • I love being a South African right now. we have done an awesome job. Ke nako

Madiba ….. (get your hankies ready)

  • Madiba’s hat should get it’s own trending topic…
  • madiba makes his entrance! YES MAN!
  • Ok now I’m blubbering
  • Jacobs Zuma you have an nation that could do anything we set our minds to, all you have to do is to keep it together!
  • #worldcup Madiba in the #soccercity house! #esp #ned
  • OMW The Russians adopted MADIBA!
  • What emotion… Madiba, you ROCK our world :-) #WC2010
  • I would be blubbing like a baby right now, if I wasn’t gnashing my teeth in rage at all the hamfisted ad breaks. #worldcup

The match: Spain vs The Netherlands – tweeters comments before and during the game

  • Today’s the big day! Perfect weather in Joburg #worldcup What color are you wearing today?
  • At #soccercity. 63 games. 1 more to go. Stunning blue skies. Africa is already celebrating.
  • How awesome is it that we can get an inside track on the Final today through those we follow who are going to be there? Wow.
  • The #ned fans streaming into Soweto for a few early beers before crunch time…#worldcup
  • #Madrid This place is insane. Every single person is wearing a red shirt, a flag or blowing a vuvuzela. Like every one!
  • A brave Dutch fan just told me he’ll be in the Madrid fanzone tonight with 200 mates, all in orange. Brave lads! #NED #worldcupfinal
  • Tonight’s final will be screened in every country in the world.Fifa expects 700m to watch the final
  • World Cup will be broadcast live in 215 countries to an audience in excess of 500 million viewers ~ Local Organising Committee (LOC)
  • I’ve decided i’m going Dutch today!
  • Dutch fans outnumber Spain fans by at least 10 to 1 at Soccer City today. Last-minute charter jets have poured in from Holland to Joburg
  • Am having slight pangs of regret for not buying final tickets. But I think couch should do just fine….
  • So yeah, it’s gotta be #Spain innit.
  • ¿Quién ganará la Copa del Mundo? España vs Holanda
  • It’s wonderful to be around so many happy people, what a day for Spain! #esp #madrid #worldcupfinal
  • #ESP fans have a black coffin with RIP Holland written in orange on the lid. They’ll be hoping it’s not their team’s funeral. #Madrid
  • They setup a fan park right outside my window!
  • The deciding match is upon us. SPA is the better side but I still believe HoL will win. Atmosphere at Soccer City has been electric all day
  • skön stämning i studion! #blunders #twittboll #vm10 [not sure what he said, but hopefully it’s nothing rude ;)]
  • My Spanish blood has ousted Orangeness as mayor of my heart tonight.
  • The bloke who braught the WC out of the box, it was Fabio Cannavaro right? [i think they meant the trophy out of the box, and yes, it was Cannavaro]
  • Soweto resident just past me shooting for #ned “cause we got history!” he says. #worldcup
  • And so it begins, with quite a few people singing along to the Dutch anthem at my #knysna local.
  • If I didn’t know better I’d say Carlos Puyol was sporting a weave. #worldcup
  • #worldcup let the best team win, been to both countries and it will be a sick party in either place.
  • Half Time: Holland 0-0 Spain
  • Exactly as I feared. It’s been a dreary first half. #ESP #NED #worldcup
  • It would be much more exciting if bafana was playing #worldcup #rsa
  • What an average game so far, which frustrates me :/
  • #FIFA – This is football? I haven’t seen so much acting since the Academy Awards telecast #FAIL #WorldCup
  • The attendance here is 84490.
  • Is it just me or does it looks like #NED stuck their numbers on their jerseys with black duct tape? #ESP win on fonts
  • I’m finding the #worldCup finale particularly blend so far
  • OMG, what more do you want besides an unguarded goal to score? :-s
  • traffic cones playing in the world cup [i think he meant to add “would have done a better job at scoring”]
  • The thing I’ve admired the most of the final so far? Xavi’s hair products. Amazing… [even more amazing that a guy tweeted this]
  • This Jesus Navas kid looks very sharp. Commentator says he’s very shy and suffers from home sickness. #weird.
  • I think watching paint dry would be more exciting. And you’ll see progress!
  • This is game is AMAZING! 0 – 0 after 90 Mins! What a final! GOOOO #ESP !!! #worldcup [sarcasm?]
  • Praise be that twitter exists. Without it there wouldn’t have been a moment of joy in the last 90 mins.
  • They should allow offsides. Would be more exciting [some refs actually do….]
  • Argh! Extra time. My poor nerves :-/
  • Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • “Not a great night for either of these sides.” Not a truer word spoke Mr Commentator.
  • Kuyt looks like one of Trompie and the Boksombende okes grown up. [south african tv show reference]
  • Could’ve been bed time now if Arjen Robben had had a little more composure. #ESP #NED #worldcup
  • we have only ourselves to blame. We didn’t want this #wc to be over just yet….
  • This #worldcup is so insane, I RT my own tweets. Viva #Esp !
  • How have I lived without this sport for so long? RT @: World Cup final goes into extra time with no goals in first 90 minutes [it’s okay, he’s american]
  • i wish golden goal still existed
  • Please score! This cannot go to penalties
  • Brushed my teeth, put my jammies on and had a wee. Still no goal. #pleasescore
  • For my birthday, I want to see a GOOOOOAAAAALLLLL!!!! Just one. From anybody!! Come on!!!! [it really was his birthday]
  • Robben is stripping his moer down there, I’m anticipating a Zidane at any time now.
  • Riveted, riveted, riveted. Soaking it up. This glorious match between two debutants is all South Africa’s. #worldcup
  • Cant wait for start of final match.These dancers on for the past 2 hours really killing the opening ceremony #WC2010
  • Torres should get a red card for looking like a girl. #worldcup [jealousy?]
  • Your tweet was my first clue someone finally scored! LOL!
  • Adidas win the #worldcup [both teams wore adidas kits]
  • Sorry Nike, Adidas wrote the future.
  • You know, that final was actually pretty good on a technical level, rather than as a spectacle. Also, the reffing was _fascinating_.
  • Wow. Well, if football is about falling around, bizarre refeering decisions, & basic prat-ishness, then I won’t be watching till 2014.

  • i’m glad the #worldcup was decided by a dodgy goal.
  • I’m just so happy it didn’t go to pks. Relieved that the whole thing is over (for professional and cultural reasons.)

Dutch Courage – fans tweeting their support for The Netherlands during the match

  • Ref! These Spaniards are diving on every tackle! Actors! #worldcup
  • This is FOOTBALL #ESP, not skittles … #fallovereverytime
  • van persie has been very poor so far in the final. he needs to wake up!
  • #NED have one thing that #ESP apparently don’t: a player who harries defenders. Two actually. Robben and Sneijder. #worldcup
  • At this point it looks like Spain’s game… And boy they can dive like pros.
  • #NED should bring in van der vaart and Affelay to change this game.
  • I’m a huge #NED but if feels they’ve been playing for penalties since about the 2nd minute.
  • Holy crap… #NED [they nearly scored for the umpteenth time in the match]
  • Noooooooooooooooooooooo come on Holland #worldcup
  • Robben Robbed. Tåspetsräddning! #twittboll [i hope a Swede will translate this one day]
  • Omg. My heart stopped for a second there…
  • This is nervewracking. No, not wearing a short #orangedress. #wc2010 #ned #oranje [the orange dress was a dare of sorts]
  • Yeeessss way to block, hup holland hup
  • Apparently Spain’s number one export is pretend injuries.
  • If #NED lose, they’ll regret not bringing van der vaart on (or on earlier). #worldcup
  • Robben whines more than Drogba and C. Ronaldo. And that’s saying a lot.
  • I cannot take penalties. I really can’t. But I can’t take a Torres goal either. #cry #wc2010 #ned
  • The #ESP are diving. They should be ashamed of themselves.
  • Nnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo [spain scored]
  • And the next person who says it’s just a game gets it in the teeth.
  • Whoohoo! My team came second! #NED [the ‘glass half full’ approach. cool!]

Red Fury – Spanish fans letting their tweets be heard!

  • #ned are very agressive
  • The dutch are playing as if they’re actually wearing wooden shoes « funny
  • van bommel’s gonna get a red at some point [prediction]
  • #ned have executed their game plan perfectly: hack #esp , hack #esp , and hack #esp again. #worldcup
  • Great save by Iker!!!
  • Iker Casillas is a BEAST! he is definitely the best goalie of the #WorldCup
  • Half Time:Spain need to get Pedro more ball,he’s the key to unlock the Orange lock. [never happened]
  • I agree! #NED should be down 2 men!
  • Go España!
  • Jesus Navas comes on. He has the worst final touch of all the #ESP wing players. #worldcup
  • nice job Casillas!!
  • #NED is successful at breaking the #ESP formation. Common Spain! Wake up now.
  • David V so close, but so far!
  • Close ure mouth Robben!
  • fabregas is a cutie
  • Eitsa! You don’t replace Villa with Torres! You leave as much hotness as possible on the field please!
  • Xavi, arguably the best freekick taker in the world, misses the goal from 21m…

  • GOAL!!! #ESP Iniesta!!


  • The Cape might be dutch but Jozi is Spanish baaabbbeeee
  • Iker Casillas still laughing after that fake goal kick ran them downfield

  • awwwww casillas is crying #esp
  • Congrats to #ESP! They played great & deserve to de the #WorldCup Champions. I wish I was in Madrid Tonight! VIVA ESPANA!
  • The beautiful game of Spain beat the Bully and baby ball of the Netherlands, there is justice in Football.
  • del Bosque, my man! What a lovely personality gracing SA’s sidelines all #worldcup. What a great coach! #esp
  • Oh Spain. I love you. Casillas is my man
  • Nobody’s going to bed tonight, #ESP fans going absolutely crazy. Great atmos! #newworldchampions
  • Just chatted with ppl at our Spain office… they bouncing off the walls! its a shame they’re working working today. [what? the very next day??]

The Ref calls it! Red & Yellow – cards, that is. Funny, those are the colours in the Spanish flag….

  • 4 yellow cards already
  • How is De Jong still on the pitch?
  • Wow, I get to watch soccer AND Karate!
  • Wow, no wonder @ loathes Howard Webb. Yellow card number 5
  • Soon some players are going to feel left out for not having a yellow card. #wc2010
  • Seriously…ouch! RT @ De Jong showed off his kung ku style. Ouch.
  • Wow. Nigel de Jonge has been watching Chuck Norris films. That was a splendid kick on Xabi Alonso’s chest.
  • That was a nasty kick, #yello
  • De Jong… page from Zidane, to the chest knocks the wind out of Alonso.
  • Ouch. Red card for Karate kick
  • Ay come on, poor alonso! #ESP
  • When I was a kid we couldn’t afford to play soccer, so we just kicked each other.
  • This supposed cutie ref (don’t see it) is going to lose control here. Was too frisky early on with cards now has to stick with it
  • Urgh. Can we sub the ref?
  • Half time. 3-2 to holland, yellow cards that is. No goals yet
  • watching the soccer world cup final right now. Hope that spain wins..go spain!
  • As the 2nd half starts, viva the team that’s playing football! (I.e., #esp ; not sure what game #ned is playing; ka-rugby?) #worldcup
  • There’s so much Kung Fu in the #worldcup final, a tie will be broken by the snatching of pebbles from hands.
  • This ref is a bigger doos than the packaging box this world cup came in
  • That was so not a yellow card. I see a punch-up soon. Now sabc comm is talking about Zidane. Obv sees the same thing
  • aannnd another yellow..
  • how many yellow cards / space to write does this ref have?
  • Pfft. The Spaniards need tissues for their issues. So many yellow cards…
  • I smell a red card soon in this match.
  • Overheard: “Webb is acting like the Knysna traffic police now.
  • ref’s going to call for substitute yellow card soon
  • Ref gets commission from a paper manufacturer, i’m convinced! #worldcup
  • Ok this ref has got to go….. He’s horrible
  • Red RED!! #ned just got carded!
  • i knew someone would get a red
  • This is no longer soccer, this is the card game.
  • 11 yellow cards now including the two for Heitinga. In. Sane.

  • If Heitinga deserved a red there, then so did Poyul in the 2nd half.

  • This seems like a poker game. Too many cards flying around #wc2010
  • I take my apology back. Webb should be sent off. Two cards for no touches.
  • Haha goalkick thank god for that ref screwup :)
  • Sneijder’s free kick takes a massive deflection. Corner. Whaaat? Webb says goal kick?!
  • Now Howard Webb makes me look like a tit for heaping praise on him in a column. #worldcup

Commentator – ‘The Sniffer’ – You had to be watching South Africa’s Super Sport 3 channel to know what these tweets meant – and some tweeters missed what the fuss was about.  The tweets created a lot of laughs anyway :)

  • I have to admit, I’m a little hacked “The Sniffer” is commentating the final. But so amped right now I don’t give a shit . Go #NED BABY!!
  • Oh gawd, this commentator, aaaaargh!
  • They gave the sniffing commentator the final. That’s just wrong.
  • It’s the freakin’ Sniffer commentating!! No man!
  • Someone hand the commentator a hankie, please?
  • Shame, the commentator is on a heart lung machine. He may be dead by half time. Have pity #wc2010
  • I don’t hear the #sniffing…. And haven’t throughout the tournament… [she doesnt know what she’s missing – and that’s a GOOD thing]
  • Can’t hear anything wrong with the Supersport commentator. What’s everyone on about? [another one who doesn’t hear it? incredible! :)]
  • Xabi alonso is the best passer ssssssniff
  • Okay, now his nostril is whistling. #commentor #wc2010
  • Respect to the commentator for coming in to work despite being on a respirator. #worldcup
  • How ironic… Did the commentator just say ‘lets have a breather’?”
  • I am not tweeting during the 2nd half, no matter what the commentator sniffs, or doesn’t sniff.
  • core update. Commentator 0 Booga in his nose 5
  • So…about the sniffling/heavy- breathing #SuperSport commentator… Why don’t you guys just swap over to #SABC? [some of us did. HAD to…]
  • Commentator is still doing his Darth Vader impersonation. #worldcup
  • All this talk about nasal commentary in SA, i don’t feel so bad having to listen to chinese commentary!
  • Maybe the slurping commentator is really really cold.

The Oracle – Paul The Octopus – people had a few things to say about Paul

  • Ouch, that was close. Paul must have had his tentacle on his mouth. #worldcup [netherlands nearly scored]
  • I bet Paul the Octopus is freaking out at the moment….ink everywhere!
  • No calamari for lunch! #worldcup

  • Go PAUL THE OCTOPUS!!!!!!!!! #ESP
  • I want an octopus pet! #worldcup

  • Paul the Octopus is The Oracle #ESP
  • Time to melt down that #worldcup trophy and remodel it in the form of el pulpo paul!
  • The octopus is always right.

After the match – praise for South Africa the hosts, thank yous and what’s next? (hankie time)

  • Real winner of #WorldCup is South Africa. Congrats on job well done! Go visit. Be amazed. Spend money. Come back richer
  • Well done #RSA for hosting a successful #2010 world cup!!
  • Biggest winner: South Africa for hosting a brilliant cup! #worldcup
  • Well SA did a damn good job. All finals suck but let’s see #esp lift that cup now, c’mon!

  • Yeah sick second half and extra time. Well done SA for pulling off the football world cup. Proudly South African!

  • Well done Spain #esp And a bigger WELL DONE to SA #rsa you rocked our world! #WC2010
  • soccer city is magnificent, WOW. South Africa has done us all proud, viva
  • Congratulations also to #RSA and #Africa for a successful and brilliant host to the #World!!! #WorldCup 2010
  • Thanks for sharing the World Cup with me, everyone. Made it extra special!

  • An incredible #worldcup. Thank you #rsa
  • South Africa won.
  • What a show. What. A. Show. Well done, South Africa. It was great.

  • Awesome #wc2010 Awesome South Africa
  • Tonight the world congratulates #ESP for their wonderful football team and South Africa for being such wonderful hosts. Gracias!
  • South Africans! You should be so, so, so proud of your country! You were beautiful #WorldCup hosts.

  • success of WC is in large part down to every 1 of us who blew a vuvu, greeted a tourist, bought a car flag, embraced Philip.
  • Okay. So what now?

Other noteworthy tweets – these don’t fit into any of the above, but need to be here too!

  • So pleased about #Ger on the podium. Seen this time from #Tshwane – where it is SOOOOOO COOOOLLLDDDDDD.
  • Forlan the artist! RT: Fifa’s Golden Ball 2010 – I think Forlan deserves it for the way he led his unfacied Uruguay.
  • 3 x vuvuzelas for sale will consider any offers
  • That SA scarf JZ always wears is awesome. Styling
  • Morgan Freeman in the house [celeb spotting]
  • I’m going to miss the #WorldCup. That is all.
  • I’m watching the Wirld Cup final in a thatch-roofed hut in tha African bush, surrounded by a motley multinational mob.
  • Did they show the spectator going the trophy on tv. I missed it. [i missed i too!]
  • so, only #sui managed to beat #esp in this #worldcup
  • Uruguay’s Diego Forlan has won the adidas Golden Ball – for the tournament’s best player
  • World Cup awards go to Mueller (Golden Boot and Best Young Player), Forlan (Golden Ball) and Casillas (Golden Glove)
  • Now that the #worldcup is over, I think I’m going to set my alarm clock to sound like a vuvuzela.
  • Can we haz a National Vuvuzela Public Holiday please [if you don’t ask, you don’t get]